Welcome to Cabin Spacey

We are building a place that answers to the challenges and needs of todays' generation of Modern Nomads, City Hoppers and Urban Millennials like you!

Your input will help us to finish the design that will introduce a new form of urban living that fits our lifestyle of constant change. 

Relax and share your point of view with us.
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How do you define the term ‚home‘ for yourself?

e.g. the place where I live / my favorite bar / family and friends / place of birth,.....
Did you move to new places for work, study or else?

...for a temporary stay of 3 - 12 month

Why is it so hard to find a suitable place?

...for a temporary stay of 3 - 12 month
How do you commute in the city usually?

Where and how do you usually work?

Components that make a great temporary home 

How does your perfect Area in a city look like?

F. ex. Rooftop, near Park, Industrial Site, City Centre, near Metro, walkable area, near job/co-working, trendy area, shops/cafés, busy/quiet area, bars, etc.
What are the few things that you need the most and can't live without in your everyday life at home?

What components are missing or should be increased in a home you want to live in?

What components can be decreased or you can even live without easily?

What services would you rather pay for than do in a smaller place?

How do you think about community?

What's your take on sleeping in a loft bed?

Cabin Spacey now is designed for a 1,60m bed that rests on top of the bathroom and can be reached by taking a few stairs up.
How small could you possibly live and still feel comfortable for a fixed period of 3 - 12 month?

Cabin Spacey is designed to be 3 meters of width but can have different length.
Examples for setups are: 3x5=15m2  /  3x6=18m2  /  3x7=21m2  /  3x8=24m2  / 3x9=27m2
What is the one single reason that would attract you to move into a significantly smaller place?

...for a temporary stay from 3 - 12 month
Lifestyle and Economics

How do you feel about renting vs. buying a place?

How much would you be willing to spend for a perfect place monthly?

in Euro
At what Price would a small home become interesting for you to buy ?

in Euro
What best describes your attitude when you consider to move into an innovative small place?

What factors would make it easier for you to move between different cities?

...for a temporary stay of 3 - 12 month.
About You

The information you provide will remain confidential and can not be used to identify you.
Tell us about yourself.
What elements determine your lifestyle?

What is your age range? *

What is your gender? *

What is your current occupation? *

First click on the options and then click on "other" to tell us what you do f.ex. Graphic Designer, MBA student, Artist, etc.

What is your monthly net income range?

in Euro

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